Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman

After carefully researching and analyzing her positions on these issues, PPAC must oppose Meg Whitman’s candidacy for governor of California. Although Ms. Whitman has said that she supports a woman’s right to abortion, her support is limited and does not include continued funding for reproductive health services.

In particular, we believe that Ms. Whitman’s positions on the following issues are in direct conflict with Planned Parenthood’s mission and will harm the women of California. For example:

  • She declines to meet with Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations to clarify her position on issues related to women’s health;
  • She refuses to protect state funding for California’s unique and effective family planning services and programs;
  • She seeks to reverse the hard-won victories in health care reform; and
  • She opposes a minor’s right to access confidential abortion services.

Meg Whitman won’t stand up for California’s cost-effective family planning program:

GOP candidate Meg Whitman says New Jersey governor’s tough budget approach is model for Calif.
JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman says the budget-cutting and union-fighting tactics employed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie provide a perfect “roadmap” for her plans in California.

Christie, a rising star in the GOP, appeared with Whitman in Hollywood on Wednesday for a rally and fundraiser.

Christie defeated the Democratic incumbent, Jon Corzine, last November. He has won praise among Republicans for eliminating a deficit, taking on New Jersey’s powerful teachers unions and shaking up the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

Whitman says if she is elected in November, she will pursue a similar agenda. Like California, New Jersey is a Democratic-leaning state mired in financial trouble.

Christie told Whitman it won’t be easy, but he says voters are ready for the truth.

Read the “Truth About Meg Whitman” (pdf) for more information.