Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown
The REAL Pro-Choice Candidate for Governor

Jerry Brown has been consistently pro-choice. He’s always supported a woman’s right to choose.

Jerry Brown helped start our state’s family planning services, including life saving breast and cervical cancer screenings, SDT tests and reproductive health services. These programs helped reduce teen pregnancy to some of the lowest in that nation.

Jerry Brown has always been there for the women of California.

Meg Whitman refuses to protect state funding for these services and would repeal health care laws that make it illegal for insurance companies to charge women a different rate for coverage than men.

After carefully researching and analyzing his positions on reproductive health  issues, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California has decided to support Jerry Brown’s candidacy for governor of California. Mr. Brown’s positions on several key issues coincide with Planned Parenthood’s mission. For example:

  • He supports funding for reproductive health care services;
  • He supports including reproductive health in health care reform;
  • He supports teaching comprehensive sexuality education in public schools with information about both abstinence and contraception;
  • He supports a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion;
  • He supports a minor’s right to access confidential abortion services; and
  • He supports protection of reproductive health facilities, providers, patients and volunteers.
Mr. Brown earned 100% pro-choice rating and endorsement from Planned Parenthood in 2006 for candidacy for Attorney General.
Read the “Truth About Jerry Brown” (PDF) for more information.

Jerry Brown is also endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Sacramento Bee.