Comparison on Women’s Health

U.S. Senate

Barbara Boxer

Carly Fiorina

Pro-Choice: Supports Roe v. Wade. Anti-Choice: Wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Supports women, families, and doctors making personal decisions for themselves. Wants the government to stand between a woman and her doctor, criminalizing women and doctors, making abortion illegal.
Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Emily’s List, and NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC. Endorsed by Sarah Palin and the National Right to Life Political Action Committee.


Jerry Brown

Meg Whitman

Supports funding for reproductive health care services. Refuses to protect state funding for California’s unique and effective family planning services and programs.
Works pro-actively with Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health providers on women’s health issues. Declines to meet with Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations to clarify her position on issues related to women’s health.
Supports including reproductive health in health care reform. Seeks to reverse the hard-won victories in health care reform.
Supports a minor’s right to access confidential abortion services. Opposes a minor’s right to access confidential abortion services.
Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Sacramento Bee. Endorsed by Chris Christie, a governor who pulled all funding for family planning in his state’s budget.

More Information

For additional information on where candidates in federal, state and local races stand on reproductive health issues, view the Pro-Choice Voter Guide on the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California web site.